Ten Reasons to Choose Credits Best Solutions 

  1. Credits Best communicates. When things get tight, most people have a tendency to hide. When you communicate fully with us, we take over all future communications with your creditors. If you are contacted, you simply note what they say, thank them, then forward the information to us. We will respond on your behalf.  When you engage  us, that becomes our job, and you can count on us to represent your interests to your creditors. This will include automatic monthly updates to each creditor  as to the status of your account. 

  2. Credits Bests settlement programs are custom designed for YOU based on your
    ability to pay using a MEANS TEST (income vs. living expenses). This is fair, affordable and an effective way to settle your debt.

  3. Credits Best provides the best solutions for your specific situation. We provide a whole range of debt settlement, debt realignment programs and mortgage modification services for consumers, professionals and small businesses.

  4. Credits Bests provides you with a settlement agreement explaining the entire program, fees and duration. There are no surprises. You will be comfortable with the program and path to your financial future before making a commitment.

  5. Credits Bests programs keep you in control of your money until all enrolled accounts are completely settled. You will not be asked to deposit funds in an escrow account for an additional fee.

  6. Credits Bests and affiliates have a track record of debt settlements and debt realignment since 1994.

  7. Credits Best protects your information. We will NOT sell or provide your information to anyone outside of our organization. Any information obtained will be used exclusively to analyze your situation and structure a settlement program so you can regain control of your financial future, and will not be sold to any other third party.

  8. Credits Best  can help YOU regardless of where you live. We operate in all 50 States and The District of Columbia.  Most settlement companies operate in only 32 states.

  9. Credits Best offers a 100% guarantee. The fee for any enrolled account not settled will be refunded as long as you stay in the program and provide us the opportunity to settle those accounts as agreed.

  10. Credits Best is a Veteran Owned & Operated business.


Pros & Cons of Debt Settlement


Veteran Owned & Operated

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