Pros & Cons of Debt Settlement

Reasons in Favor of Debt Settlement

  1. Avoid bankruptcy.
  2. Satisfy the debt by paying only 30-50% of your current credit balances.
  3. Settlement is a fast, inexpensive way to get out of debt in 12 to 36 months.
  4. You remain in control of your money.
  5. Include Medical bills & accounts in collections.
  6. Some creditors will agree to remove negative information from credit report.
  7. Unload the stress & burden of excessive bills and Start Fresh.

Reasons Against Using Debt Settlement

  1. Can't settle a home mortgage, only Unsecured Debt.
    (But you can do a "Mortgage Modification" - contact us for more details)
  2. A creditor can refuse to settle & seek a judgment in court.
  3. Can show up on credit report as a "Settled Debt" instead of "Paid in Full".
  4. Forgiven debt can be reported to IRS as income.
  5. Student loans, IRS debt, and Accounts under $750 are not eligible.

10 Reasons to Choose Credits Best Solutions to handle Your Debt Settlement.

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