Program Benefits

You can become "debt free" in a relatively short period of time. Programs usually range from two to five years.

Programs are based on your financial capability. A thorough analysis of your income, less your necessities of life expenses is used to determine your financial capability to repay your debts. This process is identical  to the one used by Federal agencies, and is generally accepted by most creditors as an accurate measure of your financial situation.

Programs may enable you to avoid Foreclosure and Bankruptcy.

You can resolve nearly all unsecured debts with programs to accommodate special creditor offerings, as well as, changes in the debtor's income or expenses, without disrupting the program.

Most of the extraneous communication, document processing, and collection activity required of creditors attempting to collect on their accounts, is diverted. This removes the disruptions to the household, employment or business of the debtor.

Settlement agreements are reached based on the availability of debtor funds.

All creditors eventually settle, some faster than others, depending on their individual policies and strategies.

Settling accounts with creditors may include single lump sum payments. Creditors are allocated a portion of the debtor funds. The amount is based on the percentage of the overall debt that the creditor holds at the time of the agreement.

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