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Credits Best Solutionss acknowledges the need to keep confidential the sensitive nature of our Clients' personal and financial information. For that reason, Credits Best Solutions has established and maintains a Privacy Policy to ensure that our Clients' information is collected, held and used solely by agents and representatives of or affiliated with Credits Best Solutions on a "need to know" basis as defined herein and within our Clients' Service Agreements. The Credits Best Solutions Privacy Policy is applicable to current and former Clients as well as applicants with submissions under Credits Best Solutions review and describes the nature, purpose, collection, use and restrictions of Client information.

Client Information - The nature of information that Credits Best Solutions requests may vary based on the services being offered but in general will include such as the Client's social security or other tax payer identification numbers; residential, employer and e-mail addresses; telephone and fax numbers; salaries and commissions from employment and other income; expenses; bank account information; loans and liens from financial institutions, other financial creditors or lien holders; and other such information that Credits Best Solutions reasonably requests to perform those functions described in a Client Service Agreement.

Collection of Client Information - Credits Best Solutions may use several methods of collecting Client information such as postal and delivery mail services, telephone, fax, e-mail or Website transmittal forms.All Client information collected by Credits Best Solutions is placed under a document control system for both hard copy and database management systems. No personal Client information is posted to publicly accessible websites or computer files. Furthermore, electronically transmitted Client information employs government approved encryption technology.

Use of Client Information - The Client information will be used for the benefit or to the advantage of the Client for such purposes as to: identify, authenticate and or verify the Client to authorized creditors and third parties on a need to know basis; perform account analysis, assessment, forecast and settlement on behalf of the Client; communicate, correspond or otherwise convey offers, responses, confirmations, acceptaCredits Best Solutionss, conveyaCredits Best Solutionss, and other necessary correspondeCredits Best Solutions; transmit, instruct or direct the transmission of, authorized transmittals, transfers, and the tracking of such activities; effect authorized electronic funds transfers, credits and debits; effect or direct Client and other authorized inquiries, requests and update Client information; administratively monitor, review, account, report and or audit Client account activities; and perform statistical analysis for the benefit of Credits Best Solutions Clients.

Additional Use of Client Information - Credits Best Solutions extracts statistical and non-client identifiable data for the purpose of assessment, analysis and forecasting resolutions and settlements that benefit Credits Best Solutions Clients. Client hereby acknowledges and authorizes Credits Best Solutions to use such non-client identifiable data for such purposes.

Restriction and Protection of Client Information - Credits Best Solutions shall not publish, sell, trade or otherwise disclose any personally identifiable Client information to agents, representatives or third parties not on a "need to know" basis and then only for the advantage of the Client. Credits Best Solutions shall protect with all reasonable means available such confidential information of the Client. In addition, Credits Best Solutions will maintain contracts with those affiliates or partners, which provide services or joint services on behalf of our Clients, that require them to comply with this or their similar Privacy Policy and to keep Client information secure and confidential.

Legal Disclaimer - Credits Best Solutions may disclose personal information of a Client in order to comply with the law or legal process such as the action of a court when properly served on the offices or officers of Credits Best Solutions. No further disclosure of personal Client information shall be disclosed by Credits Best Solutions except by specific instruction of such order or by a subsequent such order.

Updates to Privacy Policy - Credits Best Solutions may from time to time update this Privacy Policy for internal purposes and or to comply with changes in statutory requirements. Clients are encouraged to check with the Credits Best Solutions website periodically for such updates. Current Clients of Credits Best Solutions shall be forwarded notices of any material change in this Policy as soon as reasonably possible after any such change takes place.

Conflicts - Should any conflict arise or ambiguity between this Privacy Policy and a Client's Service Agreement, the Parties shall look first to the Service Agreement for authority.

Client Consent - Client agrees that the information provided by Client demonstrates Client's acknowledgement, consent and agreement with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.
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