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Credits Best Solutions is a national financial consulting company that provides its clients with a unique service known as debt negotiation or settlement, Mortgage Loan Forensic Audit with Attorney for Restructuring New Mortgage & Tax Resolution Services.

Debt settlement is a tried and ethical program in which unsecured creditors agree to accept an amount less than what is owed in exchange for the cost savings of collection. We work with individuals and businesses.

Forensic Mortgage Loan Audit has shown that nearly 80% of mortgages contain VIOLATIONS. Any error or omission on the part of the lender or their agents constitutes a violation. Any violation may allow you, with the help of an attorney, lower your payment and save your home.

With an excellent tax team made up of tax attorneys, enrolled agents, CPAs, ex-IRS agents and debt specialists you can be assured that we have the right professional to help you with your unique tax situation.

What sets Credits Best Solutions apart from the others, is that our programs, (pay-off amounts and time period) are based on what you are able to pay, not how much you owe. Each client deposits and controls his/her own funds until settlement, (no third-party-controlled escrow accounts). The account is settled with a lump sum payment for complete debt settlement. Every situation is unique and every program needs to be structured on a case-by-case basis.

If you qualify, Credits Best Solutions will structure your program based on what you're able to pay......We work for you, not your creditors or the government. We are not a non-profit that is paid by your lender.

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Why choose Credits Best Solutions?
Our debt settlement programs are designed to help clients get out of debt fast, and in the least adversarial way possible. Fees are included in your settlement. Programs are based on your financial capabilities.

10 Reasons to Choose Credits Best Solutions
Pros & Cons of Choosing Debt Settlement

We operate in all 50 states.
We have a wide range of programs to resolve and restructure your unsecured debt.  Our programs are based solely on your financial capabilities.  We do NOT base programs on arbitrary industry averages, or creditor models.

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